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Wilcox Family

Henry_and_Sarah_Stewart_Wilcox-1.jpgAt this time, the verifiable start of the Wilcox family begins in 1785 with Henry H Wilcox.  Henry was born in Stonington, Connecticutt and migrated to Illinois sometime prior to 1836.  I say verifiable because the Wilcox's were a prominent family in the Stonington area and trace their history back to the Plymouth Colony in 1642.  This Wilcox line is also decended from Thomas Hazard, a signer of the Newport Compact, which would make him an original settler of Rhode Island at the time of Anne Hutchinson and Roger Williams' split from the Puritan Church.  I have, however, been unable to fit the middle links together to connect the two ends. 

Henry first appears in Warren County in 1850 where he owned land in Ellison Township, just east of the town of Ellison.  He married Sarah Stewart and fathered four children, all of whom remained in Warren County.  The third child, Richard, was born in 1841 and would eventually farm land along with his father.  He and his wife, Mary Jane, would have six children, five living to adulthood.  The eldest, Sarah Ellen, would marry John L Wallace and remain in Warren County until her death in 1913.



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