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Wier Family

The Wier family line starts in North Carolina at the beginning of the 19th century.  Henry Wier grew up in Rowan County (currently part of Davidson) and moved to McDonough County, Illinois, with his wife Leah and four children, in the late 1830s.  The family settled in Lamoine Township.  There were several Wier’s living in southern McDonough and northern Schuyler counties at the time.  It is not known how closely related they were, but were likely related as they all came from North Carolina.  The original spelling of the name appears to be Wyre, but many variations are seen in various documents and tombstones, including Wier, Wire, Weir, or even Wear or Ware, as those names were also common in the area, though unrelated.  Two more children were born in Illinois, and all remained in the McDonough area, including Brummel who married Mary Ann Morris.  The couple had five children, four girls and a boy.  Two of the girls, Margaret Elizabeth and Hannah Lieuxena, married brothers Daniel and Adam Wesley Hines.  Margaret remained in Illinois, while Hannah and another sister, Sarah, moved west to Neosho County, Kansas in 1878 or 1879. 



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