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Who am I?

This page is all about finding out who is in that old photo in the album.  If you're lucky, someone wrote down on the back who is in the picture and when it was taken.  However, more times than not, old family photos are passed on through the generations, each taking for granted that they know who is in the photo and not thinking to write anything down.  Next thing you know, someone like me comes across one of those old photos and has no idea who they are.  The best way to solve the mystery is to compare the unknown photo with known ones.  Another is to find other family members who perhaps have a copy of the same photo, preferably one that someone thoughtfully wrote on the back.  Below you will find some of the photos that fall in the unknow category along with any supporting information and my personal thoughts.  Please use comments section at the bottom if you may know.



This photo was found in a multi-picture frame with several others from the families of George and Grace Hines.  I tried repeatedly to convince myself that this was the Daniel Hines family.  For those who know him, my dad bears a striking resemblence to the father in the picture.  As many in my close family would say, "he looks like a Hines."  However, there were too many inconsistencies: there was one too many children, and the ages didn't seem plausable. Then as I was typing this, I believe I've solved the mystery.  I think this is the Elbridge and Louella Young family.  If this is the case, that would mean that the photo was likely taken in late 1899 or early 1900.  From left to right in the back would be Ernest Edgar (age 7), Grace Olive (age 9), Clara Ellen (age 12-13), and James Scobe (age 10-11).  Left to right in the front: Sylvia Marie (age 5), Elbridge Lee, Ira Ralph (age 2), Mary Leona (less than 1 year), and Luella May.

So it may be that the oft used saying should be, "he looks like a Young!"  If anyone can confirm or refute this, please let me know.

unknown2.jpgThis photo came from the same multi-picture frame as the one above.  Most of the pictures in the frame were of George Hines or Grace Young.  I am inclined to think that these children are Young's, and would then likely be Grace and Ernest.  However, considering the closeness in age of the other children, it seems odd to have a picture of only two.  Thoughts or insight?


unknown3.jpgAnother photo from the same multi-picture frame.  It is a smaller photo, making it more difficult to see the faces clearly.  My guess is that these are the younger Young boys/children, or at least a couple of them.  The photo seems typical of the late teens and 20s though, which may mean that these are cousins, and children of the Youngs. 

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