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Spielman Family

It is believed that the Spielman family is traced back to Johann Peter Spielman, who was born 16 Oct 1722 in, Germany.  Johann married Anna Horren though it is unclear where or when.  None of the dates or locations commonly attributed to the births, marriage, or deaths of Johann and Anna make much sense, therefore I won’t even try at this point. A Johan Peter Spielman arrived in America 3 Oct 1753 aboard the Ship Louisa.  This may indeed be Johann Peter, however, his son John Peter would have been 8 at the time, and there is only one Spielman listed on the ship manifest.  Additionally, John Peter is thought to have been born in Pennsylvania.   What can be confirmed is that John Peter Spielman married Susanna Catherine Koenig around 1770.  The family lived in Northampton County, and later settled in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  The children of John and Susanna, for the most part, spread out into Ohio and other parts of Pennsylvania.  Among them was Jonas who would make his way to Holmes County.  His daughter Sarah married Nathan Gurwell, while another daughter, Raganah, married Nathan’s brother David.  Both families would eventually head further west into Missouri and Iowa.

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