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Koenig Family

The Koenig famil draws its roots back to Germany in the 1700s.  The name Koenig means "king" in the German, and many American settlers accepted the anglicanized version of their name and went by King, as was the case with Matthias Koenig.  It is unknown where in Germany the Koenigs hailed from, but is widely believed that they lived in the German Palatinate, now known as Rhineland-Pfalz, in southwestern Germany.  Matthias Koenig was born sometime between 1720-1730, and arrived in America on 7 Oct 1751 abourd the ship Janet.  The ship, captained by William Cunningham, started its journey in Rotterdam, Holland, stopped at Cowes on the Isle of Wright, and disembarked approximately 220 passengers at the Port in Philadelphia.  Among the passengers were three men with the surname Koenig; Mattheus, Jacob, and Abraham. It is not for certain the relationship between the three men, but most accept that they were either brothers, or that Abraham was the father of the other two.  The arrival in America is the only recorded record of Abraham, so it is unknown where he went or if he in fact became sick during the journey and died shortly after.  Matthias and Jacob moved to Bethleham Township, Northampton County, Pennsylvania where they secured land close together and raised families.  The original deeds to their land was issued by the Penn family.  The Koenigs resided in Northampton County for some 40 years, before Matthias moved further west and settled in Mount Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  Matthias and his wife, Eva Anna Christina Hartzel would parent 9 children.  Their second daughter, Susanna Catherine, married John Peter Spielman.

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