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Jul-Oct 2017: More than 3 generations added to the Wyer and Sapp Families of Davidson, Forsyth, and Guilford Counties NC.

Jun 2017: New photos from Forsyth and Davidson County, NC Cemeteries.

Apr-May 2016: Over 100 new or updated pages for the Hines, Gurwell, Bonar, and other families; expanded search capabilities for over 500 family pages


Welcome to the Hines Family Ancestry page. Please don’t let the name deceive you, there is more than just the Hines family line here. Word has spread that I’ve put together a family history and there have been many people who showed interest in my findings, so I figured that the best thing to do was to share what I found with everyone.

My research started a little over seven years ago when I was told a story of how my wife, Tamra, was a descendent of famed naval Captain John Paul Jones. Skeptical of the tale, I began to search the internet for any evidence to support the claim. It turned out to be highly unlikely, but the search led me to other discoveries, such as the fact that she is related to 17th century Irish Satirist Jonathon Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels and A Modest Proposal. This immediately got me wondering who I might be related to. I began my search with a Hines family history that was completed back in the late 1970s. From there, I moved on to conduct some of my own research. As name after name popped up in the census forms and in the family trees of online users, I was hooked. Thus far, I found no family links to former Presidents or Founding Fathers, but I have uncovered tales of some amazing people and been to some great places. It is no longer about just names in a pedigree chart. It is the story of their lives and the history that they experienced. It is about the towns I’ve visited such as Erie, KS, Wallburg, NC, Birmingham, IL, and Millersburg, OH. It’s about homesteads, town squares, battlefields, and cemeteries. But most importantly, it’s about us and our children knowing where we came from.

The start point for the families covered on this page is my dad, Roger. Therefore, those related to him on his father Jack’s side may only be interested in the Hines/Young line and associated branches. Those related to his mother Ruth’s side will follow the Wallace/Gurwell line. The rest can either enjoy the full breadth of information, or may jump in further back the generational line. My intent is to build the site in stages. I have over 6,000 names and as many supporting documents and pictures in my Hines/Young/Wallace/Gurwell Tree, so loading everything at once would be an overwhelming task. Stage 1 will be loading the direct ancestors and related photos and documentation. Stage 2 will include their immediate families, which will expand the tree to contain our aunts and uncles. Stage 3 will add the cousins to expand the outer branches of the tree. Finally, I will add associated histories and other resources that I’ve collected over the years. Of the 6,000+ names, not all are fully verified or properly sourced. I intend to only include individuals and facts that I have personally verified as related, or will specifically identify those who are presumed related but not verified.

Please keep in mind that I am a professional Soldier, an amateur genealogist and historian, and a novice website builder. In other words, I know quite a bit about the first three, and nothing about the fourth. Please bear with me, and feel free to let me know of any problems that you experience. I locked in the site for four years, so hopefully I will have it all figured out some time before July, 2017! I hope everyone enjoys, and more importantly learns from the information provided.


Rich Hines, Site Administrator


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