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The history page is a small library.  A number of histories in electronic format will eventually be posted in this section.  The late 19th century witnessed a boom in the publication of local histories.  It seems that every Tom, Dick, and Harry wrote a book about their hometown, township, county, region, or state.  The trend continued into the 20th century, but largely fell out of vouge by the First World War.  This same period experienced a flood of Regimental Histories from aging Civil War Veterans looking to hold on to the past.  In both instances, the authors were often amature historians who depended more on local lore and personal recollections (which were often seasoned with a healthy amount of embellishment) than on actual historic evidence.  They are, however, a great starting point when tracing family lines, studying a locality, or retracing steps on a battleground. 

Books posted on the site may be downloaded by all viewers, or may also be found on such sites as books.google.com/books or archive.orgAll books posted were published prior to 1923, which thereby places them within the "public domain" and not subject to copyright law.  However, any information drawn specifically from these books and used as genealogical evidence will still be properly sourced.

The history library is divided into 4 areas:

Cities, Towns, and Villages



Civil War  

I will initially only include books that directly relate to our family history, but will eventually expand the collection to include other local histories.  Other areas will also be added as needed.


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