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Frederick and Phebe (Grimes) Hein;

2. Magdalena Sprecker

Note- The marriage(s) of Frederick Hein is/are a subject of much confusion and debate.  Many argue that Frederick, the son of Jacob William Hein, was never married to Phebe Grimes, and that it must have been another Frederick Hein. I'll be the first to admit that the marriage date to Phebe Grimes does not make sense nor does it match a natural time line.  However, I include her as a spouse of Frederick for the simple fact that I can't prove that she wasn't.  I have five seperate documents (2 primary sources) that show Frederick Hein married Pheby [sic] Grimes on 11 Feb 1811 in Rowan County, North Carolina.  On the other hand, I have seen nothing documenting the marriage of Frederick to Magdalena "Molly" Sprecker.  Make no mistake, Frederick was married to Molly Sprecker, and she was the confirmed mother of at least one of Frederick's children, Absalom (Virginia marriage record lists both parents).  I just don't know when Frederick and Molly's marriage was or which children belonged to which mother, other than Absalom.  As for the "wrong Frederick" arguement, I suppose it is possible, though I find it hard to accept.  If there were two Frederick Hein's, then the foreign Frederick seems to pop out of no where, marries Phebe Grimes in the same county that our ancester lived in, and then passes back into obscurity.  Everywhere that we find Frederick in the historic documents, it is somewhere near his brother Cornelius, to include the marriage records.  All this being said, I still cannot construct a viable timeline.  I have listed all known children as those of Magdalena Sprecker to simplify things.  Since I have no marriage records, my opinion is that the reported Feb 11, 1808 marriage (it is certainly odd that Frederick would marry two different women on the same day of the year) listed in many online trees between Frederick and Molly is incorrect, and that it actually occured later.  This would mean that at least the first child, Esther, was either illegitimately conceived prior to Frederick's marriage to Phebe, or perhaps that of Molly from a previous marriage or relationship, and was raised by Frederick.  These are simply guesses, and I welcome any and all information that may support or refute them.


Birth: 30 Dec 1788 in North Carolina          Death: 14 Jun 1852

Burial: Saint Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wythe, Virginia

Marriage: 11 Feb 1811 in Rowan, North Carolina

Marriage2: unknown









Birth: abt 1786 in Virginia 





Birth: 05 Jul 1811 in Virginia         

Marriage: 05 Nov 1833 in Wythe, Virginia to HENRY CHATWELL


Birth: 28 Nov 1812 in Virginia          Death: 29 Dec 1906 in German, Richland, Illinois

Burial: Stoltz Cemetery, Richland, Illinois

Marriage: 30 Sep 1832 in Wythe, Virginis to JAMES TADE

Marriage2: Mar 1841 to JOSEPH TADE


Birth: 16 Sep 1815 in Wythe, Virginia          Death: 05 Nov 1879 in Ashe, North Carolina

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Ashe, North Carolina

Marriage: 05 Sep 1839 to THOMAS JEFFERSON AKERS


Birth: 08 Sep 1817 in Virginia          Death: 22 Jul 1911

Burial: Lebanon United Methodist Church Cemetery, Grayson, Virginia

Marriage: 02 Feb 1843 to WILLIAM DELP


Birth: abt 1819 in Virginia


Birth: 26 Aug 1821 in Virginia          Death: 26 May 1917 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth, North Carolina

Burial: 27 May 1917 in Salem Cemetery, Forsyth, North Carolina

Marriage: to HIRAM KING LANE


Birth: abt 1824 in Virginia


Marriage2: to JOHN PATE


Birth: 11 Dec 1825 in Virginia          Death: 19 May 1916

Burial: St Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wythe, Virginia

Marriage: 14 Feb 1895 in Wythe, Virginia to LUCINDA L DAVIS


Birth: 04 Aug 1833 in Virginia          Death: 12 Jul 1896 in Sullivan, Tennessee

Burial: Arcadia United Methodist Church Cemetery, Sullivan, Tennessee

Marriage: to SAMUEL M PATE



Added by Anonymous
July 28, 2015

Dear Mr. Hines,
I am a descendant of Frederick Hines and Molly Sprecher through his daughter Elizabeth Rosanna, who married Hiram King Lane. Please allow me to set the records straight concerning the marriage of Frederick Hines. In 1810, John Christopher Sprecher wrote his will. In it he mentioned his daughter Molly Hines. Obviously she and Frederick were married by this date. The marriage of a Frederick to Phebe Grimes cannot refer to the same person as the Frederick who married Magdalena (Molly) Sprecher. It also proves that by 1810 Frederick was living in Wythe County. I hope this information will put this error to rest once and for all.
The parentage of Frederick Hines is proven by the date of birth on his gravestone. It matches the date for the birth of Jacob William's son Frederick in the Moravian archives. Your speculations, while understandable perhaps, are just that, speculations by someone who has not grown up with the family, as I have. As for the early history of the family (pre-Jacob the immigrant), we do indeed have German records that verify the early history of the family. I corresponded with the author of the book to which you are referring, and she sent me copies of the German baptisms and marriages in Schonbach, the village where the family resided before coming to America) that account for the information going back to Jost Hein. It appears from other records not cited in the book that the family is descended from Hen Haun, an person who appears on the Turkish immigrant roles in the sixteenth century.
Jim Spraker
Oren C. Spraker/Nellie Frances Lawson
Edward Young Spraker/Alice Angeline Weddington
James Henry Spraker/Susan Caroline Lane
Hiram King Lane/Elizabeth Rosanna Hines
Frederick Hines/Magdalena (Molly) Spraker (Sprecher)
Added by Jim Spraker
July 28, 2015

Mr. Hines,
If you will check the published records for Zion Lutheran Church in Wythe County (available through the Wythe County Genealogical Society, Wytheville, VA 24382) you will find that most of the children of Frederick and Magdalena (Molly) Sprecher (Spraker) Hines were baptised there. Included with them is the eldest child, Esther, who was born June 5, 1811 and baptised August 18, 1811. The parents are listed as Frederick Hines and Magdalena (Molly), whose father, John Christopher (Stophel) Sprecher, was a charter deacon in that church (est. 1792). It is likely that the Hines family and the Sprecher family became acquainted in the 1760s, when the Sprecher family settled in the vicinity of Lexington, NC, with a number of other families who moved to Wythe County, VA ca. 1782.
Added by Anonymous
July 28, 2015

BTW--Absolem Hines married second Sarah Wetzel, and he lists his parents as Frederick Hines and Molly Spraker. There is also a deed in Wythe County listing all the children of Frederick Hines in a settlement of his estate.
Added by Anonymous
July 28, 2015

Sorry, birth of Esther is July 5, not June 5---
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