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Filson Family

The Filson Family line is rather brief, yet there are many possibilities just waiting to be discovered.  Our Filson family starts with John in Pennsylvania in the early 1820s.  I have found a sizable Filson family in Maryland, who by the 1820s had spread throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.  It is likely that John came from the Pennsylvania Filson's, though I don't know the connection as of yet.  John moved to Holmes County, Ohio where he met Drucilla Bonar.  The couple moved in the 1850s to Van Buren County, Iowa and raised their family.  Two of their four children reached adulthood but passed away prior to the turn of the century; James S and Henrietta (Gurwell) both dying in Missouri.  A third child, Mary C is still lost in time after 1880, while their son William Lincoln Filson continued to reside in Van Buren County.  The children of James were raised by their mother and step-father in Washington, and Henrietta's two daughters would live with families in Missouri and Iowa.

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