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The Familes page is the best place to start exploring the site.  The entire family is arranged into separate Family Group Sheets (FGS).  Each FGS lists the husband, wife, their children, and parents of the husband and wife.  Therefore, each individual in the tree may appear in their own page as a parent, in their parent's page as a child, and again in their children's page as a parent.  Individuals who never had children will appear in fewer pages.  In order to simplify your search and to cut down on web pages, women appear on pages along with their husbands, unless they never married.  Also, pay close attention as additional spouses and their children also appear on the same page as those of the direct ancestors.  It can become confusing, but it is the easiest way to display the information. 

Below is a listing of the direct ancestors of my dad.  If you don't know a lot about the family, this is a good place to start.  Family members simply need to adjust the generation to determine their relation, ie. I would add a "great" to each name listed, or someone a generation ahead of my dad would take one away.  You may also go dircectly to a surname listed to the right of the direct ancestors and click on a name.  Names listed in all caps will take you to the family page of the surname, while the others will take you to the FGS, as that is the only individual with that surname at this time.

Surnames that appear more than once in the family tree have their own page.  Each family page consists of a short history of the family line and a listing of all direct decendents in the family, starting with the first known individual in the line or the first to immigrate to America.  As I expand the website, I will also add a listing for all other individuals in the family as well.

Family Group Sheet pages contain more in-depth narratives of the family members and a listing of the family along with their individual birth, death, marriage(s), and burials.  To the right of these, are individual blocks listing where they lived during each census, public records in which they appear, and any photos of the individuals, or graves.

Everything is linked repeatedly on this site, so don't be afraid to click away.  Names will take you to other pages, and documents or pictures will open up new windows.  If anything fails to display or produces an error message, please let me know so that I can fix it as soon as possible.




                                              Lloyd Leo Hines and Ruth Evelyn Wallace


George Emmett Hines/Grace Olive Young                      William Earl Wallace/ Orpha D Gurwell

                                                                Great Grandparents

Daniel Hines/Margaret Elizabeth Wier                           John L Wallace/ Sarah Ellen Wilcox                  

Elbridge Lee Young/Luella May Purdum                         Jonas Alexander Gurwell /Henrietta Filson

                                                               2Great Grandparents

Solomon Hine/Phoebe Bodenhamer                                Melvin Wallace/ Fannie Langley

Brummel Wier /Mary Ann Morris                                     Richard Wilcox/ Mary Jane Woods

R A A Jackson Young/Matilda Clarrisa Miller                   Cyrus Gurwell /Mary Jane Skelly      

James Purdum/Sarah Ellen Foster                                     John Filson/Drucilla Bonar

                                                               3Great Grandparents

John Hine/Cheryanna Joicy Pate                                       Henry H Wilcox/Sarah Stewart

Henry Wier/Leah Sapp                                                        William Woods/Martha Turner     

Simeon Morris/Hannah Freeman                                  Nathan Gurwell/Sarah Spielman

Hugh Young/Permelia Barton                                            David Skelly/Jane Dougherty

Amasa Miller/Sarah Outcalt                                               Henry Dickerson Bonar/Elizabeth Slater

Samuel Purdum/Rebecca Tullis Doll                                  

Frederick Levi Foster/Millie Mason                                 

                                                                 4Great Grandparents

Jacob William Hein/Catherine Blessing                           William Gurwell/Rachel  “unk”          

Schobey Outcalt/Clarrisa Sabins                                      Jonas Spielman/Esther Lose

Walter Purdum/Priscilla Browning                                   William Skelly/Mary Jane Eliz Byerly 

Abraham Doll/Margaret Anna Ross                                  Charles Bonar/Drusilla Dickerson 

John Foster/Catherine Swann

Adin Mason/Mary Womack  

Benjamin Morris/Sarah Elizabeth Bolton

Adam Wier/"Unknown"

Newell Rufus Sapp/Sarah Brummel Covey

James Barton/Margaret Smithson

                                                                5Great Grandparents

Johann Jacob Hein/Anna Maria Gabriel                           Jacob Gurwell/”unk”             

John Outcalt/Sarah Handley                                             John Peter Spielman/Susanna Cath' Koenig

John Purdum/Keziah Darby                                               Phillip Skelly/Mary Ann Hastings                      

Johnathan Browning/Elizabeth Lewis                               Barnet Bonar/Ann “unk”

Jacob Doll/Margaret “unk”                                                John Dickerson/Ruth “unk”

Stephen Ross/Elizabeth Crose

Samuel Foster/Margaret “unk”

Alexander Womack/”unk”  

John Barton/Anne Hitchcock

Thomas Smithson/Mary Grafton


                                                               6Great Grandparents

Frederick Heinrick Altgelt/Margaretta Standley             Johann Peter Spielman/Anna Elisabeth Horren

Richard Handley/Sarah Jackson                                      Matthias Koenig/Eva Anna Christina Hartzel

Edward Browning/Elizabeth Drane                                  William Skelly/Mary Ann Lunsford                   

Johannes Dohld/Anna Catherina Harmann                     Henry Dickerson/Susanna Surrat

Christian Crose/Barbara Stump

Thomas Barton/Abigail "unknown"

Thomas Smithson/Ann Scott

William Grafton/Margaret "unknown"

                                                               7Great Grandparents

Richard Standley/Sarah Cottrell                                         Hans George Hartzel/Catherine Schmetzer

Francis Browning/Rachel Merritt                                       Thomas Dickerson/Elizabeth “unk”

Daniel Scott/Jane Johnson                                                  Joseph Sarratt/Katherine “unk"

                                                               8Great Grandparents

 John Browning/Elizabeth Simmons

John Johnson/Deborah "unknown"

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