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Census Abstracts

Census abstracts are blank census forms.  It clearly displays the headings for each column in a given census.  This is particularly useful when viewing older censuses from 1790 to 1840, which are harder to read or do not display the headings on the copied form.  All forms are in PDF format.  You can search on the web to find forms that are available in Microsoft Excel or Word format.  When viewing Census forms it may be more convenient to right click the links and select "open in new window" so that forms may be compared to the abstract.

1790 Federal Census               1800 Federal Census                            1810 Federal Census

1820 Federal Census               1830 Federal Census                            1840 Federal Census

1850 Federal Census               1850 Slave Schedule                             1860 Federal Census

1860 Slave Schedule               1870 Federal Census                             1880 Federal Census

1890 Federal Census               1890 Veterans Schedule                        1900 Federal Census

1910 Federal Census               1920 Federal Census                             1930 Federal Census

1940 Federal Census

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