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Bonar Family

The Bonar Family family tracks its roots back to Scotland with William Bonar and Eupham Fraser.  This is, of course, undocumented as I have not studied records in Scotland, but tradition states that William was born in 1669 and that he was the father of Barnet, who immigrated to America in the late 1680s or early 1690s.  Much of the early Bonar history is based upon a genealogy completed by Dorothy Elizabeth Rine Brown in 1969.  Though extensive, much of the facts presented are based on tradition, and many of the dates appear to be suspicious.  However, due to a lack of documentation, I will rely on those presented as fact.  Barnet was born in 1695 in Edinburgh, Scotland, a city in the county of Midlothian.  Tradition states that he immigrated with two brothers and settled in Pennsylvania.  I have not traced the roots of his brothers, nor of his other children, but Barnet married a woman named Ann and fathered a son by the name of Charles.  Barnet settled, and eventually died, in Donegal Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.  His son Charles would grow up in the area, marry, and also raise a family in the county.  His son Henry Dickerson Bonar, moved to Holmes County, Ohio around 1820 and started his family.  After a move back to Pennsylvania five years later, he settled permanently in Ohio in 1830.  After his death in 1854, most of the Bonar children moved west and settled in Van Buren County, Iowa.  From there, they spread throughout Iowa, into Missouri, and as far as California.

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